i made a new icon


when you view a blog entry on this blog you can see this icon for my free google website on the right and when you are viewing this blog from a phone you can see this easy to click on button to my website in the center of the strip. I do all my sites from a phone now but ithis site looks good on a phone or computer.


i updated my website

yes just like my blog it works well on a phone if your on a phone heres the link https://sites.google.com/site/jeffreysarkansas/home come see

i rewrote my free google website

i don’t just love free blogs and photo servers i also like to have a free website and even though i have never made any money publishing i still enjoy it. above is a grab of my latest masterpiece of what i call web art and its my free google website. even though anyone with gmail can have one i feel i have done a great job on the graphics. you can click the picture to go there or just look at the picture and say you saw it, the link back here says my wordpress.