a cow on a hill

cool ride
a peek at a cow that already seen me riding up


a cow sizing me up

cow sizing
i was on a bicycle ride in the wonderful countrysides of arkansas and i saw some cattle along the way so i made a big moo sound at em and this cow looked at me real hard like it was sizing me up. not sure what makes people moo when they see a cow but i am not the only one that does.

cow and chicken farm ahead

big farm ahead
just as i was getting into the sound of my knobby tires on the road i heard some mooing and snapped this picture of this big farm ahead from my handlebars. i may have left a little to much handlebar in the picture this time so you could see my shadow on the road i am riding

autumn cows

at the cow pond

a horny cow amongst the cows

brown cow in arkansas

a some what wild life photo
an almost wild life photo for the wildlife enthusiasts as the flies are kind of bothering her today.