on a green road in arkansas

as the roads get greener
the heavy rains have gotten everything green quick, why even the center of the road is green on todays bicycle ride.

my bicycle from the hilltop

my bicycle in the greening hills
a picture of my bicycle from the top of a hill on a wonderful spring ride.

20 mile bicycle ride in the country

20 miles around
yesterdays bicycle ride was good and long and warm and in the country far from it all. i experienced great peace as i took things slow. after returning home my travels mapped out to be 20 miles with a 3 mile stretch that did not even exist on the maps, it was wonderful.

heavy trafic on todays bicycle ride

heavy trafic on todays bicycle ride

bicycle ride in the melting snow

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as i ride through the woodland road i hear the snow melting

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in the distance the clouds touch the top of the mountain

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my knobby tires did quite well one the mud and slush road

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the snow is melting on the other side of the river

a chilly dirt road in the twigs

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a bicycle ride up a dirt road deep in the twigs of arkansas

and now from my flickr gallery

my new icon
yes its me barefoot on my bicycle again as the day i did the barefoot bicycle ride shoot i uploaded photos to here, my flickr and even my gallery in france cause most of them turned out good