at a peaceful lake

lake ride
it was a wonderful bicycle ride around a calm peaceful lake in arkansas.


long road bicycle ride

it was a long road to the gravel road but i got a mountain bike and i wana ride where road bikes cant

a nice long bicycle ride on a gravel road

had enough time to go on another long bicycle ride in the arkansas country. i took pictures along the way and uploaded them as i went to my flickr. you can click the picture to see more of the ride or just wait for me to eventually publish them all on this blog one at a time.

a blissful bicycle ride

old road
somewhere in arkansas where the road is barly paved i ride far through the twigs.

a sunny day and a farm road

farmroad ride
a shot from my handlebars of the wonderful farm road bicycle ride

the gravel road that went on forever

long gravel road
went on a bicycle ride this morning that lasted into the afternoon. the ride was mostly farm roads till i got to these woods and it turned gravel. usually gravel roads tend to pan out to country roads with pavement, but not this gravel road as it met up with another gravel road that continued on to another gravel road that went on for another 20 miles. now i do love riding gravel roads with my bicycle and i got a lot of handlebar shots while riding so you can see todays long long ride.

a distant bicycle ride on a warm afternoon

warm cycling
a warm day after work and a distant ride in the countryside of arkansas before taking a shower and relaxing to a game of dfbhd.