an old rustic barn in the country

A pretty old rustic barn
out on the arkansas country side on a bicycle ride i spotted this old barn and got you a photo


on a hilltop in arkansas

on an arkansas hill top
seemed like quite a ride to get up here, but the photo was well worth it and the ride back down was a blast.

a mining train

mining train
a mining train in an oklahoma mining town. its sad though these guys work hard but according to a sign at the beer store they cant buy beer.

train gone texas

train  gone texas
a freight train crossing the red river rail bridge from oklahoma into texas

ladybug beagle running toward me

Ladybug beagle
yah and she is running mighty fast in this picture

steeple in the rain

Steeple in the rain
and it really really rained that day

happy ladybug beagle

Happy ladybug beagle
heres one from my flickr click the picture to see more