A wonderful old dog


Couldn’t teach him any new tricks either


Dinner is served


Like to thank God for this food ham compliments of the church

Today’s forecast


Looks like it’ll be warm inside with ham for dinner

Aircraft Maintenance ‘Gripe Sheets’

Lol a funny read

The Funny Planet

These aircraft maintenance comments are allegedly from ‘gripe sheets’ or ‘squawk reports’ which contain pilots’ reports of aircraft technical problems and the responses from maintenance engineers. These amusing communications illustrate the implications of using vague language, as well as the age-old potential for conflict and confusion between operational departments and functions, and the long-suffering tolerance of service and maintenance staff in support of operational personnel found in all industries.

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A breakfast smash


In the morning I like to have a cup of coffee with some chocolate and some oatmeal well one day I decided to combine oatmeal hot chocolate and coffee and throw it in the microwave Eureka I screamed I have invented a breakfast smash I’m going to drink this and pat myself on the back

Wet pawed ladybug beagle


Ladybug beagle on a walk after a hard rain in Arkansas

Pajama selfie


After a rather wet and rainy day outside I’m finally home in my pajamas dry