a Purdy old tractor


Out on the farm in Arkansas I came across this purty old tractor

Snug as a bug in a rug


Thats ladybug Beagle  under the rug  you see in my bed I use a rug instead of running the heat in the winter to keep warm and she crawls up under it of course there’s a couple of extra blankets under the rug but ladybug beagle my little bug is snug in the rug

Ladybug beagle


Yes thats ladybug beagle after eating my world famous turkey stuffing and wanting more

My Christmas decor


Yes I found this little tin sculpture in the dumpster and it is my Christmas decorations

I bee Macin


I am having some of my world famous mac cheese thingy. 2 boxes of macaroni and cheese 1 roll of hamburger and a can of green beans all in one meal

a wonderful bicycle ride

a wonderful bicycle ride

from my flickr a while back

A wing dinger


Looking out the window for some gremlins