The calming rainy day


That sleepy rainy day good time for relaxing and thinking over all these things that I’ve gotta think over

On the farm in Arkansas


the concentrated mass

under the skies of arkansas


the concentrated mass of 3 high out put sites linked together in a triangle. 3 sites that work on my phone well and generate a lot of hits glued together here the experimental test site, a trigonometric equation and it worked well. in order to test it i had to separate my other sites from this mass and put them here and now that the experiment is over i have reassembled the sites back together cause its just plain more amusing to most people that visit.

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Rainy road ride


Ladybug frolicking


Yep that’s ladybug beagle frolicking in the tall grass

On the farm


I went to the photo on my Google Plus and clicked on the share button. Then I clicked on the word press button and posted it on my wordpress from my Google Plus

Sunday morning church bicycle ride