a family album slideshow for christmas

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a while back before my father passed away he had me scan the family album and build him a photo site. during the years i took care of them in their old age he saw me build my own free online legacy so he wanted one too. so i uploaded photos to a server in norway and 2 other servers in france and the usa listed on this sites link page, but they are closing the photo part of the server in norway and i don’t remember the passwords so i am adding all the photos to a photo album on this blog, hope you enjoy the slideshow

3 tractors

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3 wonderful refurbished tractors on the farm

in the skies of arkansas

in the skies of arkansas 5

woodland cycling

bicycle ride in the autumn woods

my shadow rides with me

autumn bicycle ride

ladybug beagle and only ladybug beagle

ladybug beagle looking
yes ladybug in the snow

a farm under the skies of arkansas

farm sky