when i was a teen

me in 1978 holding the date
when i was a teen i was making the same amount per hour as i do now. when i was a teen food gas and bills were three quarters less than they are now.when i was a teen no one carried a phone and remembered others numbers. above is a scanned film photo of me from my previous online legacy.


3 thoughts on “when i was a teen

  1. This is so true, Jeffrey!

    Last week my phone played up and wouldn’t show any emails. The phone company reset my phone which wiped off all my contact list for phone numbers. Yikes!! I had no one’s number. My son went online and worked out the troubleshooting and got it back through my email contacts to my phone.

    Taught me a lesson or 2 or 3! Lol Hugs from Oz. Paula xx

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