let the easter dinner begin

dinarrr is serrrved
praise the lord for the oven roast beef, chicken broclii noodle, ribs, corn on the cob, spinich, cresants, potato salid, cranberry blackberry juice and king of kings on tv.

summer where the grass is greener

cows tasting fresh green grass
a photo of some cows enjoying some of the fresh green grass popping up.

ladybug beagle smells summer

ladybug sniffing spring smells spring things popping up

ladybug beagle loved smelling the new smells of the greening landscape today as there was a lot of spring things popping up around here.

the end of the cold sky

chilly heights
things seem to be warming up and the rains are coming in to drench the greening grass. winter is at its end as the chill is going away.

when things start blooming

flowers and cattle
i saw a little green coming up around here and i can hardly wait for the time when things start blooming and almost every picture is a good one here is a photo i did last summmer

a farm horizon

on a hill
a rustic horizon farm scene in arkansas

rail through the farm land

steel horizon
a line of steel echoing its way into the horizon