i upgraded my google website with my gravatar

my google site upgrade
i was looking at my free website that i use to connect all my free photo servers together and decided that it was a bit google heavy so deleted the google feed reader and replaced it with my gravatar in the screen capture you can see where i placed the gravatar as i pointed some red arrows at it. you can click on the screen capture of my google site to go there and click on my gravatar page to see it as i updated it too.

chilly mornings bicycle ride in arkansas

farm roads ride
we were up a little late watching an old special effects movie called gi joe rise of the cobra from her cd collection, something earler that day made me think of it when she said what cd should we watch. got up slightly later than usual to catch a little peddling exercize and here is a shot from the road.

wonderful farm scene in arkansas

country view
i was on a bicycle ride at the top of a hill and had to stop to catch my breath. i turned to look out at the horizon, its beauty and the farmland streching out before me. i captured with my camera this taste of the flavor of the arkansas countryside for all to see.

twirling warthog woo pig suie

sky hog
i saw this plane in the skies of arkansas twirling like no other plane can

a sundays bicycle ride down a gravel road

 mountain biking gravel
a nice warm sundays meditation along a long gravel road in arkansas

playing a multiplayer game on a mac

im a medic
heres a screenshot of me playing a first person multiplayer online shooter that works on an old mac. the game is called delta force black hawk down and above is me medding a sniper in the game. the newer macs can play more online games than the older ones but for me after reading a blog entry about this game i got it and it works online.

ladybug beagle snow slide show

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a romp in the snow slideshow with ladybug beagle