handlebar shot morning cycling

morning ride
morning everyone from arkansas farm country on a chilly but enjoyable bike ride. cycling 10 miles across the arkansas wilderness fueled by coffee and oat meal is a good way to stay in good health.


8 thoughts on “handlebar shot morning cycling

  1. Coffee and oatmeal with raw ginger cut in small pieces and cooked with apple slices is a daily fare for me. Helps keep my cholesterol down without meds (and I do not eat fried, salty, desserts, or junk food, nor beef or pork) I gave these things up long ago in order not to have to take meds that have terrible side effects for some people. I think that you will do very well with BP and lowered cholesterol since you bike and seldom if ever miss a day. Do you take a thermos of coffee when you are out in the am?

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