ladybug beagle on the sniff

ladybug sniffing
ladybug on a walk sniffs everything every where she can and likely knows what things smell like all around where we stay

the weather sure changes in arkansas

road cycling
yesterday we had thunderstorms and tornados and today its dryer than a dog bone

its wet in arkansas

a look out the window
very wet so i thought i would take a picture from the window to show everyone

ancient farmhouse

ancient farmhouse
buried in the trees from a time when settlers walked this land perhaps

an old international

international senior truck
even though this truck is very old it seems to not yet be retired

a wonderful bicycle ride

a wonderful bicycle ride
cycling down a long gravel road through the wooded hills of arkansas farm country

i met this guy at a eating place

wood dude
i asked him if i could take his picture with the feathers and all he don’t seem to say much though