a shiny new roof for a new year

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this cabin has a shiny new roof for a shinny new year

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before it got its shiny new roof

a snow picture i uploaded to my blog in Norway

a few more christmas day snow shots and to see some more pictures i uploaded to my blog in norway click the photo

a chilly dirt road in the twigs

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a bicycle ride up a dirt road deep in the twigs of arkansas

more of the christmas day snow

snow on christmas day the snow covered path

ladybug in the snow snow coated trees

i uploaded these pictures to a couple of other galleries i have so click the pictures to see witch ones

christmas day snow in arkansas

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like a gentile mist in the air covering the trees

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ladybug loves the snow she leads the way

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small trees bend over the path in the woods from the weight of the snow

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blessed by snow on christmas day as the snow covers the road

christmas deere

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likely the best christmas decoration i have seen out here so far


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a white horse comes up to see me on a bicycle ride

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they both wondered what this horse with wheels was as they looked at me on my bicycle