a bit more snow

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snow scene with a farm house

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snow along the river

horses in the snow

horses in the snow

cycling through the melting snow

cycling through the melting snow
and from my flickr a slushy ride from the other day

up in the hills of arkansas

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some chilly hills along the way

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nothing but hills and sky

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cows grazing in the hills

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even some of the bridges go up a hill

winter cows

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cows seem to like the cold weather for the lack of flies around

an icy pond in the snow from christmas day

a photo from my blog in norway click the picture to see

bicycle ride in the melting snow

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as i ride through the woodland road i hear the snow melting

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in the distance the clouds touch the top of the mountain

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my knobby tires did quite well one the mud and slush road

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the snow is melting on the other side of the river