10 thoughts on “autumnscape

  1. I think that was you I saw speeding out of sight round the bend feet in the air, camera in the air! Wow! Awesome balancing skill 🙂 No hands too!! Impressive lol…important to capture such awesome sights before they disappear though…oops…that wasn’t you and the bike I just saw disappearing into the trees was it?…You seem to be a little of track now for some reason!! lol 🙂

    • that was a 10 mile ride into the hills and back and i thought the sights would disappear with the leaves but as the leaves fall off i saw a few deer a wolf and several beavers though to far away to photograph without a zoom

      • A wolf?!! Awesome! How maddening to be without a zoom though, and how lovely to see the deer and beavers all in their natural habitats…you are so lucky! A 10-mile ride? You must be fit 🙂 The last time I tried that on a bike I made it about 4 miles and gave up in exhaustion!! The strangest thing was pedalling away there but being totally unable to feel my feet anymore 🙂 Had to get off and walk for ages to get the blood flowing again!

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